What Is a Lounge Suit?

Dress codes can be a sartorial minefield, read our guide to decipher the cryptic "lounge suit" dress code.

Horace Barton formal wear hire cheltenham - Wedding Suit Lounge Suit Rental

Q. My wedding/social event invite specifies "Dress Code: Lounge Suits", help!

While the term may seem unfamiliar, a lounge suit is quite simply the common suit that most people are familiar with today. The increasing informality of clothing has rendered the differences of a lounge suit and business suit quite imperceivable to the untrained eye.

With this is mind, we offer what is deemed to be the most dashing and versatile option here at Horace Barton formal hire in Cheltenham.

Our lounge suits have two options, both notch lapel (one with a waistcoat, one without). Both options come in a luxurious and elegant blue that is as impressive as it is flattering.

Horace Barton formal wear hire cheltenham - Wedding Suit Lounge Suit Rental

Q. I'm the groom, do I choose 3 piece or 2 piece?

This is entirely your choice, but we always recommend avoiding disharmony. This is a choice that should be made with consideration for the bride. With the bride's plans in mind, consider that a three piece suit is a touch more elegant due to the waistcoat covering the top of your trousers and providing somewhere to keep your tie secure.

A two piece has the advantage of being lighter to wear, consider it an option for a summer wedding or slightly less formal event. With a complimentary tie and pocket handkerchief, a two piece suit can be just as impressive as a three piece suit.

Whichever option you choose, keep the groomsmen in line and maintain continuity.

Still unsure which option is best?

Get in touch with us and Giles or Richard will be more than happy to guide you through the best options for your needs.

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