Horace Barton

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12 Regent Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 1HE

Bio Foot

Your feet need our support: Made on site: All fittings are done by Giles.

No two feet are the same and can benefit greatly from having some customization. Our feet determine how our body alignment starts and with this in mind its important that they become your priority. Many people visit us when a part of their body is already suffering, which could have been avoided with an earlier and more proactive approach to their own feet.  Lower limb alignment is so important for our bodies performance and in turn we are able to live our everyday lives with more comfort.

Useful Gift: A voucher for custom foot beds


Typical Problems

1. Painful Arches

2. Sore Knees

3. Forefoot Pain

4. Tired Feet

5. Lower Back Pain

6. Plantar Fasciitis

7. Sore Joints

We are able to cater for nearly all types of shoes whether its sport, casual or smart. Besides shoes we also specialise in all ski boot fitting, stretching and heat moulding of liners.

Contact: Giles Barton 07780688291 giles.barton@yahoo.co.uk /01242 516772 or sales@horacebarton.co.uk